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Old Fart

August 31, 2006

Well, today was my 30th birthday. woohoo! Keith and Tammy treated Jody and me to sushi!!! My favorite! Not only that, it was GOOOOOD sushi, in Colorado! Do you believe it??? There’s a place called Sushi Tora in Boulder, just 15 minutes away from us. I’m so happy!

For dinner, Jody and I went to Gordon Biersch at Flatirons Crossing. They have a summer concert series there during the summer and we happened to catch the last outdoor concert of the season. There was a band called Face that was pretty good. Also, the beer was excellent.

It was a good day…


Yikes! Bikes!

August 30, 2006


So we broke down and bought mountain bikes. Hey, we’re in the mountains! It’s now our new passion. We just can’t wait to jump onto the bikes everyday! Of course, they’re matching bikes! There they are, along with all of our worldly possessions in Keith’s garage…

Today Keith and Tammy showed us a nice trail to ride. It had some dirt/gravel paths mixed with concrete. Nice easy ride. And nice easy flat tires afterward… =(

The Huckleberry

August 26, 2006

The Huckleberry

There is a little, local cafe/restaurant called The Huckleberry in a very old building in a very old part of downtown Louisville that we have been going to frequently with Keith and his family. It’s a nice place with nice staff, and quaint atmosphere, and great, healthy food. The kids also love it because they do an excellent grilled cheese sandwich and have toys and coloring sheets for them!

It's a fish!

They also feature the works of local artists around the restaurant. One of Keith’s neighbors is an artist and her works are currently being featured. One piece in particular was called “Uncle Peter”! We found out afterward that it’s not me (that’s what the kids around here call me), but rather another uncle Peter.

!!!!! Xbox 360 !!!!!

August 22, 2006

Xbox 360 Setup

I am now the proud owner of an Xbox 360! ‘Nuff said…

Job Hunt – Part 2

August 22, 2006

Well, the offer letter came and went; I sent it back signed today. With this job, Jody will not have to work if she doesn’t want to. We need the flexibility if we are going to be raising a family away from family, so that is good. However, unbeknownst to many, we came VERY close to moving yet again! Here are the details:

Since the company is based in the Bay Area, most of their customers are in the Bay Area as well. This means that I would be working from home in Colorado and traveling a LOT, i.e. 2 weeks out of each month on the average. Because we haven’t officially signed the lease for our apartment yet, I asked them to send me two offer letters, one for me living in Colorado and one for me living in the Bay Area. They offered more money if I would have moved there, but that wasn’t the only factor.

Long story short, we decided to stay here in Colorado. If you really want to know why, you have our numbers. So the next step is that I will be going to the Bay Area starting on the week of Sept. 11th and staying for 3 weeks straight on a project. They understand that this is a long time to be away from Jody, so they have graciously offered to fly her up for as long as she wants to stay there with me. How nice!

The company is going to get me corporate housing to use everytime I’m in the Bay Area, as well as a company car there. Jody is also free to come and join me on any of my trips. It all works out.

Anyway, I’m just glad to be employed again…

Beer Can Chicken!!!

August 19, 2006

Beer Can Chicken - Done Wrong...

About everyone here in Colorado loves to BBQ, which is a good thing, because so do I! Before we moved here, I remember seeing a grill at Sam’s club called the Brinkman Dual Zone Pro grill. It is only available at Sam’s club. It is pure charcoal, no gas, and it has dual heat zones that are controlled by adjusting the height of the charcoal closer or farther from the grill surface using hand cranks. Very simple, but very effective.

I never thought I’d actually be able to use one of these, until we came to Colorado, and I mentioned it to Keith. Until this point, Keith was a firm believer that he didn’t need too much surface area for the size of his family, and that the mess of charcoal was not worth the added flavor. However, being the salesman that I am, I was able to convince him otherwise…

Keith and Tammy wanted to check out Sam’s club anyway because it is closer to their house than Costco is. While we were there, I happened to walk him over to the charcoal section, and it took all of 5 minutes to convince him to go half with me and get it. These babies sell themselves!

To our dismay, we found out that we had to “cure” the grill first, so were were not able to use it right away.

However, before I left for my Vegas trip, I decided to try something I’ve never tried before on the grill: Beer Can Chicken!

You can see the documentation of the experiment in the picture gallery. However, we did not take any pictures of the end result. Why? Well, even though it was supposed to take only 1.5 to 2 hours, it ended up taking about 4 hours! We ended up eating sausage instead. Good thing we had it! I misjudged the heat necessary to get the thing going, and it was an endless spiral of throwing more coals on and chasing the heat. Oh well, I guess now I know, and Jody, Keith, and his family are willing to try again!

Job Hunt – Part 1

August 17, 2006

As I type this, I am sitting in gate D37 at McCarran airport in Las Vegas waiting for a flight back to Colorado.  I arrived yesterday to go on a live sales demo for a company called RSpeed.  I have been in contact with RSpeed regarding a position with them since before we left Hawaii and everything looks positive.  The sales demo I did was the clincher and guaranteed me a position with them as a sales/implementation engineer.

I spent the night in the Westin Hotel and spent time getting to know the guys from RSpeed.  They are very positive and energetic people, and this position has great potential.  They will be sending me an offer letter tomorrow…

Adventure with Kate & Kurt!

August 15, 2006


Oh yeah, forgot to post about yesterday’s activities.  It was Keith and Tammy’s anniversary, so we decided to take Kate and Kurt out to give mommy and daddy some… “quality time.”  We ended up going to Adventure Golf & Raceway in Westminster.  It was a nice place.  Kurt hit a hole-in-one and got better and better the more we played!  Check out the pics in the gallery! (oh yeah, the link to the gallery is on the right in case you didn’t know…)

Rocky Mountains!

August 15, 2006

Rocky Mountain High 

Well, it’s been a long, long day.  The plan was easy: drive up to Estes Park (a park town near the Rocky Mountains) and drive back.  Somehow, we ended up in the Rocky Mountain National Park and took the scenic route.  I’m glad that we didn’t stick to the plan, though, because it was a fun trip.  We got to see some wildlife and some nice scenery.  Check out the pics in the gallery!


August 14, 2006

Well, the website is finally open for business!  We hope that having this site will make it easier for us to update our family and friends on what we’re up to without having to send out unwanted email blasts.  Please check this website at your own leisure and please keep in touch!  =)