Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Behold… my salvation:

Spicy Tuna: Genki Style

Of all the things I miss about Hawaii, the spicy tuna from Genki Sushi is probably in the top 10.  If you’ve ever had it, you would know that it is unlike any spicy tuna sushi ever made in any other sushi restaurant ever in the world (ok, maybe that’s taking it a little far, but i’ve been to a LOT of sushi restaurants, and I’ve never had anything like it anywhere).

Luckily, Jody found the secret that will put us at risk of having angry-faced men in yellow knocking on our door:

Magic Sauce

Mix this up with some sesame oil and tobiko to taste, garnish with green onions, and you’ve got a pretty close approximation to the Genki spicy tuna.  At least from what I can tell after missing it for a year or so.

I owe her big time for this one…


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