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Two Thanksgiving Dinners

December 17, 2008

And so it begins… two Thanksgiving dinners, then two Christmas dinners, New Years, etc. etc.  We were able to avoid all this in the past, but being in L.A. for the holidays has introduced us to the dilemma faced by married couples since the beginning of…marriage!  That being said, it is a good problem to have, deciding between two large and loving families to spend time with for the holidays.

It started with the Pyun family:

We cheated and went over for lunch.  What Thanksgiving is complete without the boys monopolizing the TV?

Ah, the perfect Korean Thanksgiving lunch: Dolsut Bi Bim Bap.  Better than a restaurant!

Little Lana sums it up after lunch with a nice, big yawn.

Then it was time for the Thanksgiving dinner spread!  American mixed with Korean, mmmmmm…

Time for a quick photo op…

Then off to the Lee’s for another dinner!

The whole family was there…

Including my partner in geekery, Lani…

And the ever-watchful Ryan!

It was a bit chilly outside, so we had to dress Lana in our FAVORITE OUTFIT.  She was like a rock star with her own paparazzi taking pics of her!

It was a great day of family fun.  See you soon for Christmas dinner(s)!