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Happy (belated) 9 Months Lana!

January 25, 2009

Well, Lana hit 9 months on January 15th, although i missed it because I was working in beautiful Columbus, OH for 2 weeks.  Due to a freak cold front it was below zero for a few days and hardly went above freezing!  You know it’s cold when your nose hairs freeze instantly when exiting a building.  I had to wear thermal underwear for the first time in my life! At least Lana still remembered me when I got back!

Milestones reached:

  • Pulls herself up and stands
  • Coasts along furniture (or anything nearby)
  • Says mama, dada, up
  • Shakes her head “No” when she doesn’t like something
  • Waves her hand “Hi” and “Bye”
  • Points to things she wants
  • Crawls!!!! Finally!!! (not well yet)
  • Feeds herself with her hands (cheerios, etc.)
  • Eats pretty much whatever we give her, solid foods, etc.
  • Drinks water on her own from a sippy cup
  • Claps her hands when she’s happy or accomplishes something
  • Dances to the beat of the rhythm of the night (any music)
  • In general manipulates things very well with her hands and fingers
  • Understands “kiss kiss” and gives big juicy ones!
  • Gets away with whatever she wants to with daddy!

Oh yeah, did I mention she has two bottom teeth?  She got those a few months ago and they’re the cutest thing when she smiles!  Next stop, 1 year!


Happy New Year! – 2009

January 1, 2009

So what to do on New Year’s Eve… Party it up with mom!  We went all out at the local Japanese market (in Santa Monica) to eat the last sashimi of 2008:

Hamachi, mirugai, uni, maguro, sake, and a bunch of side dishes… mmmm…

Followed by some champagne in a non-champagne glass and Belgian chocolate:

My oldest friend Dean happened to be visiting LA and stopped by for a bit:

Of course we found out that all three of us didn’t really like champagne, so we took the obligatory sip and cracked open some beers!

Then off to celebrate New Year’s Day with the Pyuns:

We all took turns checking out the Zero Gravity chair… man, that’s comfy!

Lana spent some quality time with the family…

And became a USC football fan!

Have a great year in 2009 folks!

Merry Christmas 2008!

January 1, 2009

This year we had the good fortune of spending Christmas in LA with family.  As with Thanksgiving, two dinners.  No complaints here!

It all started with Lana’s first picture with Santa!

Then off to the Pyun party:

What to do with all these presents?

Open them!

Jenny was always talking about wanting a full body pajama like Lana… She couldn’t contain her excitement!

Merry Christmas!

Then off to the Lee Party:

Is that Santa downstairs?

No, it’s the sound of Nog induced Jolliness!

A short trip to Christmas City:

Then time to go home…

See you for New Years!