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Happy Belated 1 Year Lana! Lana’s first trip to Hawaii!

June 12, 2009

So two months after getting back, I finally have a few minutes to sit and write this.  Work has been killing me!  Of course a lot has changed since Lana turned 1, but here are some highlights from our trips to LA and Hawaii:

Rented a ballroom in LA for a family get together

Celebrated with some traditional Korean mochi, along with cake

Lana went crazy over her new Little Mermaid push cart!


Then off to Hawaii!  We saw this sign at LAX.  Hmm…

Got to have my favorite: Choi’s Meat Juhn.  Mmmmmmm…

Oh yeah, and these guys were there too!

Did some touristy things here and there…

You know, the aquarium was a lot smaller than I remembered… but still fun!

I’ve driven by the Byodo-In temple in Temple Valley many times, but this was my first time actually visiting

Got to go to Darren’s wedding… Congrats again!

Got to hang out with the old gang at Donn’s place…

…which, by the way, was pretty darn nice!

The whole time, we got to stay at “Casa de Erik” – It had ALL the amenities!

Lana got to meet “the kid crew”


And of course we celebrated Lana’s birthday!

More than once!


Poor Lana was pooped!

But was ready for the ride home!

Thanks everyone for the food, the fun, the company, the love!  Till next time!