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Welcome Winter 2009

October 28, 2009

It’s been snowing non-stop since last night and is scheduled to continue through most of tomorrow.  That’s over a foot of snow and counting, supposedly another foot overnight.  I guess winter is starting early!  On the bright side, it’s supposed to hit 60 on Sunday!

Lana was intrigued by the snow.  Can’t wait till it stops falling so that we can go out and play in it!


Great October Weekend in CO!

October 19, 2009

The month started off with a chill.  There was even snow!  But the sun came back to play and we had a summer-like weekend here in CO!

We started off Saturday with a hay ride at the pumpkin patch (after having lunch at KT’s BBQ… mmm mmm good!)

Lana got a kick (literally) on the bumpy ride!

The field was littered with scarecrows, all different kinds.  Momma pumpkin and her pumkin spawn were watching us…

That didn’t distract Lana from finding the perfect (imperfect) pumkin!

They even had little pumpkins just her size…

Then for dinner we met up with the Hawaii crew at Bagali’s near Flatiron Crossing.  They had a whole roast pig, Hawaiian music, and dancers!  It was beautiful (the pig… I mean, look at that)!

Being the “ham” that I am, I had to join in on the hula hoop contest. (The little girl won, but I’m not bitter…)

We had a good mix of people from different islands… Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Oahu… It was great hanging out with everyone!

The next day we decided to go to the park.  The weather was PERFECT!  Lana had a great time running around on the jungle gym…

…riding the swing…

…and meeting the boys… (What are your intentions with my daughter, son?)

The pond has fish for throw-back fishing and ducks and geese for… population control?


Lana loves the water!


But the greatest discovery of all… a new Taco stand!!! With authentic Mexican tacos!!!

What a perfect weekend!  It was great to have one last “summer” weekend this late in the season.  I have a feeling next weekend will be just a tad more chilly…