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Happy First “Real” Halloween Lana!

November 1, 2009

Technically this is Lana’s second Halloween, but I was away on a work trip last year and Lana was too young to be aware of what was going on, so this year was Lana’s first “real” Halloween!

We kicked things off early with lunch at Red Robin about a week before Halloween.  The mall was having a special “Boo Bash” day for the kids.  This was Lana’s first piece of candy she couldn’t eat.

There were booths and events by Radio Disney.  We just missed the costume contest!  It was a cold and windy day but Lana’s pumpkin shield kept her warm!  All of the stores along the “Village” area were giving away candy to trick-or-treaters.

“I think I’m in the wrong store…”

After that we decided to walk around the indoor mall.  Lana had a blast window shopping!

Some day, little pumpkin, some day…

On Halloween day we dressed Lana up as a Chinese doll.  She was finally able to fit her Chinese dress!

We headed over to the Nakasatos’ place for dinner and trick-or-treating.  We brought Lana’s pumpkin suit, and Kate was going to dress as something else, but when she saw Lana in her Chinese dress she remembered she had one too and wanted to match up!

This was Lana’s first real Trick-or-Treat!  Good thing she got a treat!  A treat she wouldn’t be able to eat.  Oh well, maybe next year Lana.

We expected Lana to get tired after a couple of blocks, but she kept going and going and going all night!  Maybe we should have dressed her up as the Energizer bunny!

Lana eventually started getting the hang of it and started raising her basket up on her own.  Sometimes more than once!  Way to go cutie pie, just like we practiced.  More candy for Mommy and Daddy!!!

One of the houses had the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever seen in person.  This thing was about 3 feet tall and looked like it was having a bad day!

What a great first Halloween!  And thanks to Kate for taking care of Lana all night; Lana didn’t want to leave Kate’s side!  Now it’s time to eat all of Lana’s candy!!!