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Holidays in LA… Again… 2009!

January 29, 2010

January is almost done, we’re finally settling in back home, and I’m just getting time to post about the past holidays!  One month is definitely a long time to be away, but it was great quality time with the family!  It’s also a different experience as Lana gets older and realizes more what’s going on.

This time she was playing with Aunty Jenny a lot more and getting comfortable with the family in general.

Even Uncle Sepehr was getting some action!

Lana had a great time opening her own gifts for once at aunty’s place.

Then it was off to the other family’s party.  Grab bag was fun!  People were stealing gifts left and right!

I think everyone got what they wanted…

We made some ginger bread people…

But most of them didn’t survive the carnage…

I got to meet a Storm Trooper… Best. Sweatshirt. Ever.

And Lana got to play with her cousins!

Even the newest addition, Ronin!

Then it was time so slip into jammies and wait for Santa to come.  Merry Christmas everyone and see you next year (maybe)!