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Surprise, Lana! You’re 2 again!

April 18, 2010

I suppose it’s easy to surprise a 2 year old with a birthday party, they’re not really expecting it.  Another thing you can never expect is good weather in April.  So what better place to have a birthday party than at Chuck E Cheese!

We were so glad that Lana’s friends could join us to celebrate her 2nd birthday!  It was utter chaos, but it was so much fun!

I don’t know if Lana even knew she was the guest of honor, but I think she had a great time!

Lana really has a thing for big mice, it seems…

It seems everyone else had a great time as well.

It was also a great time for the mommies and daddies to catch up!

Then it was time to open gifts…

And run around till she couldn’t run around any more…

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon celebrating such a special occasion.  Thanks everyone for coming!

After a day like today, anyone would be pooped!  Hope you had fun, Cutie Pie!


Happy 2nd Birthday Lana!

April 15, 2010

Can’t believe our baby is 2!!!

We started off the festivities during daddy’s lunch break with a picnic in the park and some play time in yet another nearby playground.

Lana just LOVES to hang out with us!  Ahem…

After a nap for Lana and mommy and more workie workie for daddy, it was time for dinner at the mall.  They have indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as a huge sand box.  We worked up an apetite at the outdoor playground, then headed over to Red Robin for a birthday dinner!

Lana got her first restaurant birthday song! As you can tell, the staff was extremely enthusiastic…

Lana was just excited to get a balloon!

Then it was time to burn off that free chocolate sunday in the indoor play area!

Daddy was having some fun of his own!

Finally, it was time to head home for a Birthday song with the family over Skype!  Two laptops, one for each family.  Grandparents and uncles and aunts on both sides, even great grandpa sang their hearts out.  It was great!  It’s even more special that Lana shares the same birthday with her great grandpa!

Lana really enjoyed mommy’s famous cupcake birthday cake.  It’s a tradition!

And time for Lana’s birthday present: Mickey Mouse!  Last time we walked into a Disney Store Lana’s eyes lit up and she gave Mickey a BIG hug and a kiss.  So of course we had to bring him home!  It was well worth it, because her eyes lit up again and it was hug and kiss city!

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie, we love you!  Can’t wait for your birthday party at Chuck E Cheese this weekend!

“I want to dance”

April 15, 2010

I dance like Chandler from Friends, but you know what… Lana doesn’t care!  We mostly slow dance anyway.  =)

What, you thought I was going to post a video of myself dancing?

Yes, we like to dance sideways!

Whatchu talkin ’bout, Willis?

April 13, 2010

For all you non-Facebook peeps, I posted this on my Facebook profile and thought I’d share here.  Show of hands, who knows who Willis is?

These are the moments that make being a daddy great!

How old are you, Cutie Pie?

April 11, 2010

Just a few more days to go!  Our tax day baby is almost 2, and she knows it!

You might need to crank up your volume…

Most people probably don’t believe us when we tell them that Lana talks up a storm, since she’s so shy in front of others.  So I need to resort to quick recordings from my cell phone!

Complete sentences are hit and miss, but she has quite a bit of 4 or 5 word sentences in her arsenal!  Isn’t it nice to be able to communicate with your child?  Or is this how Pandora’s Box gets opened…

Bibim Bap!

April 8, 2010

Most people like Korean food once they have it.  Like most ethnic foods (meanig non-American), Korean food is based on “what can we do with what little we have so that we can survive.”  There are lots of stews and soups and pickled “things” involved prepared in ways that stretch the ingredients to fill the tummy.

When you go to a Korean BBQ restaurant, you are typically not eating “authentic” Korean food.  You are eating an Americanized, sweetened, salted, and gluttonous version of authentic Korean food.  Not to say that it’s a bad thing, I actually like Americanized Korean food!

One of my favorite Korean dishes is Bibim Bap.  In most restaurants, you typically have rice mixed with different veggies and pieces of BBQ meat and hot sauce that you mix up in a bowl.  The types of veggies, meat, and sauce they use are generally the same between restaurants, with only slight variations.  However, Bibim Bap does not have to follow a strict recipe.  All it is is a mixture of leftovers with rice.  Anything you’ve got in the fridge.  With hot sauce.  “Bibim” means “mix” and “Bap” means “rice”.  Just make sure the sauce is good!

I felt compelled to take this picture because I loved the vibrant colors of the ingredients.  I just threw together some leftover side dishes that I found in the fridge, popped on a fried egg, and dumped in some hot sauce.  You pretty much can’t go wrong with watever you put in.  Yum yum!

By the way, it’s a boy!

April 6, 2010

Kept forgetting to post this up, we found out last month… it’s a boy!  Due in July!

“Son, everything my gas touches is your kingdom…”

Hoppy Easter 2010!

April 6, 2010

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.  Three days of Easter joy this year.  It all started with Lana coloring eggs for the first time on Friday!

As you can tell, she was very eggs-cited!!!  har har. 

It’s like a science project!

And the finished products:

Some pretty eggs…

…and some pretty colorful hands!

Only one casualty.  Not bad!

Then Saturday it was off to hunt some Easter eggs at Albertsons!

“Albertsons?  Like the grocery store?”

Yup, that’s the one.  They had a small egg hunt for little kids.  Hey, it’s close, convenient, and did I mention it’s close?  Like right across the street?  We would have walked, but it was soooooo windy!  So Ellie took us!

Typically the rabbit is the prey, but in this case it looks like Lana is frozen like a deer in the headlights!  Oh well, at least she was up to a photo op!

Next up it was time for some shopping at Colorado Mills Outlet Mall with uncle and aunty Sugs… and of course, Kallie!

The good thing is that it’s all indoors, which was a big plus considering the windy conditions!  And they have a merry-go-round!  Woohoo!

Finally, Easter Sunday arrives, and Mommy has to leave early to help out at Church.  So Daddy gets to get Lana ready to go out!  Breakfast, a little play time, teeth brushing, dressing, and hair-doing!  This is what happens when Daddy does the hair:

And after church, the weekly dimsum lunch, and then another egg hunt at home!

What a fun Easter weekend!  Next year we’ll have a little brother to find eggs with!

Hello world!

April 4, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Mini what?!?!

April 1, 2010

Yup.  Our journey to the suburban side is now complete.  Welcome the newest addition to the family: “Ellie” – short for White Elephant!

“What kind of name is that?  White Elephant?  Not White Lightning?  Or White…”

Uh huh, white what?

I think the name is perfect.  If you think about it, she’s big, she’s slow, and she’s used!  Certified Used, to be precise.  Squeeky clean; inside, outside, even the engine!  She even comes with 3 years of warranty.  Can’t beat that!  And the best part?  She looks like a Star Trek space shuttle!

No frills, cuz that’s how we roll.  We’re simple folk.

Lana calls her “big”.  She loves to suit up and go for rides in Ellie.

I think she digs the great view she gets from the big windows and added height.  She may not look excited here, but you should see when we take off!

Don’t worry Black Beauty, we still love you!  This reminds me of a joke: A black Honda and a white Toyota roll into a bar… Ahem…


Welcome home, Ellie!  I think we’ll all get along juuuuuuust fine…