Surprise, Lana! You’re 2 again!

I suppose it’s easy to surprise a 2 year old with a birthday party, they’re not really expecting it.  Another thing you can never expect is good weather in April.  So what better place to have a birthday party than at Chuck E Cheese!

We were so glad that Lana’s friends could join us to celebrate her 2nd birthday!  It was utter chaos, but it was so much fun!

I don’t know if Lana even knew she was the guest of honor, but I think she had a great time!

Lana really has a thing for big mice, it seems…

It seems everyone else had a great time as well.

It was also a great time for the mommies and daddies to catch up!

Then it was time to open gifts…

And run around till she couldn’t run around any more…

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon celebrating such a special occasion.  Thanks everyone for coming!

After a day like today, anyone would be pooped!  Hope you had fun, Cutie Pie!


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