BBQ with the Sugs

Summer is upon us and the grilling season is in full bloom.  We’ve been watching Kallie for the Sugs for the past few months and they’re going to start sending her to Kinder Care to give us a break for the new baby coming.

To celebrate the last day, they brought over a FEAST!

I also happen to be playing around with my new lens.  It’s a Nikon 35mm f/1.8 prime lens.  For those of you into photography, you know what that means.  This is my grill.  It loves me as long as I love it.

Mr. Sugs did an awesome job of seasoning the lamb chops.  Yum!

Of course you can’t grill without some beer!

Some appetizers to start things off…

Some pork loin, prepared two different ways, with red potatoes.  Well done, of course…

Lamb on the grill… check…

And the final result: a FEAST!  King crab legs, veal, angus franks, the whole nine yards!

Of course, no feast is complete without a full selection of beer!

… and my favorite bottle opener ever.  It’s from Italy.  Thanks sis!!!

Alright, enough with the pics, time to eat!!!

Boy, these Sugs really know how to party it up!  Thanks guys, we really appreciate it!

We’ll miss you Kallie!  Keep mommy and daddy out of trouble!!!


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