Hot Summer Day? Go to the mall!

High of 95 degrees.  What to do… what to do… Go to the mall of course!

After a quick stop at Costco for some cheap lunch, it was off to Colorado Mills Mall.  We took the scenic route toward the mountains.  Partly because of the view, partly to give Lana time to take a nap, and partly because I wanted to play with my new camera lens!

Nice stops along the way to take in the view.  When we got to the main road I just had to pull over on the side to take this shot.  Not as dramatic as being there, one of those things you have to experience I guess…

At the mall, Lana grabbed a map and played tour guide.

Of course the first stop was the carousel!

Followed by the Lego store (for daddy, of course)…

And some rides!

This time we let the train go by…

While Mommy got a GREAT deal at the Corningware store!  Look at that big smile!

Then it was time for dinner at the Yard House for Happy Hour!

Luckily Aunty Jacie and Kallie were able to meet up with us!

On our way out we saw a hermit crab kiosk…

As you can guess, Daddy + beer + cute Lana = “Let’s get some hermit crabs for Lana!”

Lana was so excited she plopped down on the floor of Carter’s to check them out!

One is named Kal El.  You can probably guess which one (if you’re half a geek)…

What a great day and great way to kick off Independence Day weekend!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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