Viva Avista!

Would you ever get excited about going to a hospital?  Yes, you would if your hospital was Avista Adventist Hospital!

It’s great that it’s just 3 or 4 minutes away.  We come here for our regular doctor appointments too.

From the moment you walk in, you realize that it doesn’t feel like just any other hospital.  The indoor waterfall and bright skylight make you feel like you walked into a hotel lobby!

Having a baby in the New Life Center is like staying at a resort.  The accomodations are more than comfortable, with extra closet space for your clothes…

…comfy sofa/bed for daddy, TV, DVD/VHS player, wood finish all around…

Even the glider is a nice touch!  Basically the only thing out of place is the hospital bed!  You’ve also got some light reading in case you can’t fall asleep…

…and a play area to keep big sis occupied!  There’s a TV in there playing kid shows.  How awesome is that?

Every so often someone pushes a cart around to all the rooms with warm chocolate chip cookies.  Yum!

And they even have free masssages for mommy!

The eight page menu was amazing!

Thai chicken salad with a… yes… real ice cream chocolate milk shake.  We must have had milk shakes everyday.  Every.  Single.  Day.

The buttermilk pancakes were also probably the best I’ve ever had anywhere, hospital or not.

But the part we liked best was the awesome staff!  The nurses were so friendly, so helpful, so accomodating.  We also met a lot of staff that had the same names as us!

There was Peter the anesthetist…

4 Jody’s (two spelled the same, two with “i”).  This Jody (nurse) even had the same middle name…

And another nurse named  Lana for good measure!  Lana took care of Noah in the nursury.

It’s no wonder people come here from miles away to have their babies!  We just picked it by chance because we live so close.  We have friends who personally changed their hospitals and doctors mid-pregnancy to have their babies here after they saw what it was like!

We knew when we had Lana here that we were coming back.  But this time might be our last, so it’s bittersweet to leave this place.  We’ll miss you, Avista New Life Center!


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