Lana Choi – Born: 04/15/2008


Welcome to Baby Choi Central.  We’ll be using this page to update you on the progress of Jody and the baby.  Check back often for updates.  I’ll be trying to put pregnancy related information here in one place, and saving the main page for other news.


Welcome, Lana Choi.

Little Lana Choi


Up-to-the-minute Updates:

Thurs. 04/03/2008 – Doctor’s visit: at 1 cm dilated
Thurs. 04/10/2008 – Doctor’s visit: at 1 cm dilated – baby is dropping


About the Baby:

As far as we can tell, we’re having a girl!  We are both very excited.  Jody can’t wait to see how the baby will or won’t have me wrapped around its little finger.

Due Date: 04/17/2008

We still haven’t found a name for her yet, but we have started looking at options. 



We finally got around to setting up the nursery!

It seemed daunting at first…

Nursery Before

But it was actually fun!  We put on some music (the Beatles, of course) and built the furniture together.  You’re probably wondering why the room isn’t decked out in pink or purple… well, what can I say, we’re just not big pink people.  Plus the walls were already freshly painted yellow.  Why fight it?

Nursery After 1

Afterward, Jody decided to take the rocker for a spin.

Nursery After 2

 Now all we need is a baby!



Jody is doing fine and eating well.  Her morning sickness has pretty much disappeared and we can now feel the baby kicking!

Update: Jody’s tummy is BIG and HARD!  We can feel the baby’s body parts through Jody’s stomach, and she seems to react to poking and prodding and spicy food (we’ll teach her to be Korean yet!).  Here is a picture of Jody as of 1/27/2008:

Jody Pregnant on 01/27/2008


Update 2: Jody is RIPE and READY.  Can’t wait! (pic taken on 4/2/2008)

Jody Pregnant on 4/2/2008


Baby Gift Registry:

I absolutely abhor asking people for gifts or for anything I can get or do myself.  That being said, I was persuaded by many that starting a baby gift registry was not solely for our own benefit, but also for the benefit of well-intentioned family members and friends who want to give us something but don’t know what we want or need.  Thus, we have started a baby registries with Babies”R”Us and Walmart.

Please don’t feel obligated to get us anything, we know that we and the baby are loved regardless.  However, if you are so inclined here are the direct links to our registries:

Link to our Babies”R”Us Registry

Link to our Walmart Registry



Baby Choi

Baby Choi in the womb


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