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Website Updates

December 28, 2007

Added 2 new sections above (at the top of this page under the main title):

Baby Choi – This is a special page dedicated to updates on the pregnancy and the baby.

Live Video Feed – Exactly what it sounds like. Check it often to see where I’m pointing the camera!

There are also new pics in the picture gallery. Check it out!


Website redesign

September 2, 2006

As you can see the website has been redesigned. I’m pretty sure this design is here to stay for a while, so hope you like it! Also, I know people will constantly be asking us, “How’s the weather there?” Especially when winter starts to hit. So I’ve conveniently placed a weather status on the right. Check it out!


August 14, 2006

Well, the website is finally open for business!  We hope that having this site will make it easier for us to update our family and friends on what we’re up to without having to send out unwanted email blasts.  Please check this website at your own leisure and please keep in touch!  =)